50 Plus Yoga Instructor Dee Greenberg

I began practicing yoga in 1970 at the age of 17, well before yoga became mainstream. I immediately felt the transformative effects of the practice. My attraction to yoga over the years has been mainly due to the mental and emotional changes that have occurred as a result of regular practice.

The fact that I was introduced to yoga before it was mainstream and have stuck with it for over 40 years, is quite unique and definitely sets me apart from others.

In addition to yoga as a fitness workout, my teachings are strongly focused on the mental and emotional benefits of the practice.

I teach people to achieve a high level of physical fitness through the practice of yoga. I also provide people with tools to help them create balanced lives, free of chronic pain, anxiety, fear and worry. Read More…

Oprah’s Birthday, Devotional Kirtan Music – Snatam Kaur

On January 29, 2012 Opray Winfrey turned 58. As I did the research for this blog post, it hit me that I am 16 months older than Ms. Winfrey – so essentially, we are about the same age.

I’ve always looked up to her in some ways as a mentor or big sister. Interesting to find out that actually, I am the older sister. I remember when her show first hit the airwaves back in 1986. I was an immediate fan. I loved how she was so radically honest, empathetic and outspoken and so completely down to earth and real. She was a pioneer, and TV has never been the same. Read More…

Gluten Free, Guilt Free Vegan Dessert!

GENISOY PROTEIN VANILLAHere’s a guilt free dessert that makes for a power packed, nutrient rich breakfast, or light meal, morning, noon or night!

The final product is a vegan, gluten free pudding – It has a bit of a chocolate taste with the consistency of pumpkin pie. You’ll get the sweet taste without the high glycemic index. The flax meal will fill you up and the high protein will keep your brain functioning optimally for hours.

You will need an electric blender. I recommend a Vitamix if you have one.
Warning: contains soy – you can substitute anything for the soy if you are avoiding soy. Read More…

Help! I’ve Lost My Mojo & I Need Your Help!

OK, I’ll admit it! The title is false. I did not lose my mojo but I do need your help!

But before I formally try to enlist you as an accomplice, here is a bit of history. For the past week or so, I’ve been meditating on ways to attract more visitors to this blog.  So naturally, one question that comes up a lot is, what are people hoping to find when they visit this blog?

Now that’s the million dollar question that any good Internet marketer should be asking herself.  But to rephrase the question, I might also ask myself, since this is a yoga blog, what exactly draws people to practice and study yoga?

And as someone who has been teaching yoga for over 9 years, I think I have a pretty good sense of what draws people to practice yoga.

And please don’t be offended by what I am about to say, because obviously people come to yoga for a huge variety of different reasons. There is not just ONE reason to practice yoga. Read More…

IBS – Food, Yoga, Stress

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When I turned 30 in 1983, my digestive system started to go wacko! Not wanting to be graphic, let me just say there was a lot of bloating and constant pressure in my colon and on my bladder. But let me focus on the colon for a moment. In case you are not sure, that’s the large intestine running down the left side of your lower belly.

Anyway there was a near constant sensation of having to have a bowel movement.  After using the toilet, usually within an hour I would have to go again. And I will not go into details but my elimination was very abnormal. It was quite scary.

This situation went on for months. I had no idea what was causing it. My first line of defense was to see an MD. I still remember her name – Dr. Wanger – and this was almost 30 years ago! Read More…

Who’s Right? The Republicans or the Democrats?

Democrat or RepublicanThis can be a tricky question. There are those of us who historically vote strictly along party lines. The problem with this logic is that it creates an “us against them” mentality. It reminds me of high school gym class. The captains are selected, the teams are picked and the competition begins. One side emerges victorious and is dubbed the winner!

Is this any way to run a country? I don’t think so. I’ve never understood the logic behind the two party system, as it creates division rather than unity. Is a sense of divisiveness and hatred for your neighbor really going to help us in the long run?

These are troubled times we are living in. We have a big presidential election coming up and many people, both Democrats and Republicans are scratching their heads and wondering if any of the current pool of candidates has what it takes to be the leader of the free world. Read More…

You are What You Eat and Food Matters!

I was snooping around Facebook today and stumbled upon a link to a fabulous blog on health and nutrition written by Jessica Anscoough, The Wellness Warrior. That led me to discover her interview with James Colquhoun, the creator of Hungry For Change, a Food Matters film that will be released on the Internet on March 21st. The film is described as a documentary about creating lasting weight loss, abundant energy and vibrant health. You can sign up to watch the film here: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/  Please enjoy Part 1 of Jessica’s interview and be sure and leave your comments below and let me know what you think! Read More…

Motivation: How to Get It and How to Keep it

How many times have you made a plan in a whirlwind of excitement – for example, let’s say on a Friday you saw something that inspired you, got totally stoked to start a new regimen on Monday, and by the time Monday rolled around, you completely lost all your motivation to begin this new regimen? Has this been a common and ongoing theme in your life? You get really excited by the prospect of starting something new, only to find that you have absolutely no follow through?

So how is it that some people can decide to lose 20 pounds over the course of 4 months and they just go out and do it? And you on the other hand, in spite of  your best intentions, can’t seem to get your act together? Read More…

As Joan Rivers Said: Can We Talk?

CLEAR COMMUNICATIONCan we talk? Or as Joan Rivers would say: Can we tawk?

But seriously,communication is the bedrock of relationships among humans. I’ll repeat that for emphasis. Communication is the bedrock of relationships amongst humans.

So if you think relationships amongst humans are important and if your relationships could perhaps use a bit of tweaking, please read on. You just might find some little gem of wisdom that can potentially turn things around for you 360 degrees.

What is our main mode of communication? Words. obviously there is touch and sex and gesture and body language and facial expression and eye contact and smiling. But for the purpose of this piece, I will focus on verbal communication, with the main tool being words.

If you are feeling like your relationships are sub par, perhaps a good question to ask yourself is this: How can I improve my communication skills? Read More…

YOGA: Why Daily Practice?

YOGA HEAD TO KNEE POSEFor me, “daily practice” is a no brainer and let me explain why. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see this question from both sides of the fence – and the handwriting is clearly on the wall.

I guess it really comes down to a question of your goals and how you expect to reach them. The biggest challenge that most humans face as a species is the “addictive mindset.”  Plain and simple. I’ve decided to just “tell it like it is” and put all my cards on the table. If you’re alive and breathing air and living on planet earth, chances are – you’re addicted to *something!* Read More…