Are You Stuck in a Rut? Try Breathing!

Deep BreathingDo you feel overwhelmed by your problems? Do you occasionally or often find yourself feeling hopeless? Do you find yourself perhaps drinking more than you’d like or numbing your pain with junk TV, too much Internet or overeating and snacking on junk foods?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions and this cycle continues for too long, you may find yourself feeling like you’re in a rut. You know you’re in a rut when there is a particular habit or behavior that you are trying to change and you find yourself not making any headway at all, in spite of your best efforts.  Does this sound familiar?  Like you keep hitting your head on the same brick wall?

I have a very simple practice to share with you. This simple practice can pretty much be done any time and anywhere.  Although in the video, I teach it lying down, you can easily do this while standing, walking, sitting or really any time and anywhere.  With mastery of this simple breathing practice, you may very well begin to feel empowered to make changes in your life or daily routine, that currently elude you.

Please have a look at the short video, give Belly Breathing a try and let me know what you think. Ideally, take at least 5 minutes a day to practice this age old healing technique and you will be amazed by the results.  Make a commitment to try this for a week – just 5 minutes / day and see if it makes a difference in your life.

Sometimes the smallest, subtlest changes can reap the biggest rewards!

And if  you’re serious about making changes . . . . .

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