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Yoga for Back Pain: Nurture Yourself!

Several years after I began teaching yoga, I became aware of a daily gnawing, dull, aching soreness in my low back.  And I began to notice that this soreness was exacerbated by certain yoga stretches, especially if I was pushing too hard, in spite of pain. Obviously pushing past the point of pain is not [...]


Healing Chronic Illness or Injury with Yoga

There is nothing worse than living with chronic illness and feeling resigned to a life of suffering. I see countless people who have become frustrated by the medical establishment’s response to their particular problem or health issue. Your doctor may not have a clue as to how to help you. He/she may be prescribing drugs [...]


Open Your Heart with Fish Posture!

Fish posture has been a mainstay of my yoga practice for as long as I can remember. I practice this posture every day without fail, at least once per day but often twice per day. What is the allure of this simple posture? Although it may look simple, fish posture is really quite involved. On [...]