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Yoga and My Bad Haircut Day!

First of all, let me just say, I am not a very vain person. When Carly Simon sang “You’re So Vain,” she definitely was not talking to me! On the other hand, I know I inherited my value system from my parents.  My dad was employed in the garment industry in NYC in the 50′s.  From [...]


The Truth About Yoga and Weight Loss!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked as a yoga teacher is  ”Will yoga help me lose weight?”  Answering this question has always presented a challenge.   One reason for this is because generally people are seeking quick fixes to their over eating problem. What they don’t realize is that over eating [...]


30 Days To Break A Habit – Sign Up Here!

When we speak of yoga as a transformational practice,  what does that really mean?  One of the main goals of yoga is to overcome and transcend the samskaras.  The samskaras are our habitual thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns.  These samskaras are deeply ingrained into our unconscious.  The goal of yoga, is to bring the samskaras [...]