Life Begins at 50!


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

I remember about the time I turned 50 (8 years ago now!) and yes, I still remember it!  Imagine that!  I have not yet lost my memory! 

But all joking aside . . . . . I remember hearing all this hype coming from the medical establishment about menopause and estrogen replacement (to replace estrogen or not to replace estrogen) that is the question! Oh really? 

I remember hearing about all the potential hazards of menopause – night sweats, hot flashes, fuzzy thinking – not to mention calcium deficiency ( we MUST supplement!) and the dangers of osteoporosis.  Oh yes and weight gain and sluggishness and memory loss.  Not to mention unsightly wrinkles and worst of all grey hair!  Oh and did I mention we will all need reading glasses?  That is, only if you can concentrate long enough to actually read!

I found myself completely unaffected by all the brainwashing coming from the mainstream media and medical industry. It seemed to be aimed at making women dependent on their doctors and pharmacists to somehow survive menopause.

I totally ignored the regular mailings from an organization called AARP that seemed insistent on roping me in as a card carrying member.  Sorry AARP,  I don’t even open the envelopes.  You’ve got the wrong girl! 

I had a different take on the subject.  Menopause is a natural part of the life cycle. It is not something to be feared and it doesn’t require any special medication.  

I am very happy to report that my experience of being in my 50′s does not fit the stereotype. Rather than feeling sick, tired, empty, sad and alone . . . . I feel healthy, energized, fulfilled, happy and loved. 

I now share with you a bit of my evolutionary journey which started in 1997 at the age of 44. 

  • 1997 – I made the decision to make my yoga practice the highest priority in my life. This involved not only practicing yoga daily, but also learning to live mindfully, and fully in each moment, 24 / 7.  Yoga teaches us to maintain a meditative consciousness throughout the day.
  • 2002 – (I was 49 at the time) I spent an entire month living in the Berkshire Mountains, as a participant in Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA. I received my 200 hour certification to teach yoga.
  • Shiva Rea2003 – Shortly after sliding into the Big Five-0 – I began learning Vinyasa Yoga from Shiva Rea, who is a no nonsense, world renowned, first class yoga instructor.  Shiva is known for her tough love approach to teaching yoga and is one of the most well respected teachers in the world!  She has the skill to motivate her students to move out of their comfort zones in order to reach up for the next rung of the ladder.  And as a result of Shiva’s teaching, I have been on this incredible upward spiral for the past 8 years and miraculously I entered menopause, with nary a night sweat, hot flash and without any need for medical intervention!  Imagine that!
  • 2006 – I launched and managed a Yoga Studio, Om City Yoga of  Cambridge, MA.
  • 2010 – I  received my Advanced Yoga Teaching Certificate from Shiva Rea in Prana Flow Yoga.  This was also the year that I decided to close the yoga studio, sell my condo in Arlington , MA and to relocate to beautiful, sunny Delray Beach Florida
  • April, 2010 – Purchased a townhouse in Delray Beach where I currently live and teach yoga.
  • July 2011 – Started a second business – Detox, Weight Loss Coaching where I help people shed unwanted pounds while detoxing their bodies down to the cellular level.  I teach people how to use high tech superfoods to not only detox but to flood their bodies with essential nutrients so they feel energized and alive!
  • August 2011 – Joined a team of super achieving entrepreneurs where we provide people with the skills to empower them to reach their full potentials as self employed entrepreneurs.  In this highly charged team environment, I am once again constantly encouraged to move out of my comfort zone in order to reach my full potential in both business and in life. 

In closing, if anyone out there is about to turn 50,  please let my journey inspire you to never lose sight of your hopes and dreams.  In my humble opinion, life begins at 50 . . . . and especially if you are a woman, you might consider telling your doctor to take a long walk off a short pier!

And if  you’re serious about making changes . . . . .

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8 Responses to “Life Begins at 50!”

  1. Janice says:

    Amazing, Dee! Some of the healthiest people I know and aspire to be like are over 50, and you are a resonating example. Yoga is a great way to find peace and focus — and I also admire your entrepreneurial spirit…

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise on-line, Dee. I’ve already benefitted from your videos, and your post about turning 50 was perfect timing for me.



    • yogaboca says:

      Hi Greg, I am so glad you have benefitted from the videos. And I am also glad to hear about the timing of the blog post. Life is funny that way! Greg, I really believe that things only get better not worse. But of course a great deal of that depends on our mindset. Namaste!

  3. Mary Helen says:

    Hi Dee:) I was so inspired when I watched your video clip on facebook yesterday. I am 47 and believe in being proactive especially when it comes to health and vitality;) Thank you for sharing your story…It is a dream of mine to meet and learn from Shiva Rea…I have taught yoga as a hatha instructor for 3 years and as my practice deepens, I clearly see it is a true blessing and becomes more a way of living for me every day. I could go on and on but will close with a open and grateful…Namaste~

    • yogaboca says:

      Mary Helen, it’s lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you are proactive with regards to your health. As far as meeting and learning from Shiva Rea, of course I highly encourage that for everyone, male or female, young or old. She is a gifted teacher and I owe her a lot! And that’s great that you are teaching yoga and allowing your practice to deepen! I so appreciate what you shared in your post. I wonder if you are aware that Shiva has a newsletter and that she teaches all over the US and internationally. She generally teaches at Kripalu every Fall and Summer so it’s worth it to subscribe to their catalog and also to check Shiva’s teaching schedule on her web site. Namaste! :-)

  4. Ann Totten says:

    Great Stuff Dee, as usual! I am right there with you age-wise, but have some work to do to get there health-wise! Keep up the good work.

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