Passionate Desire as a Catalyst for Change!

LOGS BURNING IN A FIREMany of us keep talking about change but end up just spinning our wheels.  Like the yo yo dieter, we waffle back and forth between progress and stagnation.  And if you relate to this syndrome, please continue reading.

There is a systematic method to help you manifest whatever is lacking in your life.  And it has to do with passionate desire.

We need to put first things first if we are sincere in our desire to manifest some changes in our lives. The first order of business is to look at our desire to change.  Think of your desire as a passionate, fiery flame, ever burning.  If you can’t even visualize the “flame,” your desire is probably not yet strong enough to overcome whatever obstacles are holding you back.  A certain amount of passion for change is needed and without that, your road will be difficult.

Here are some steps you can take right now to begin to cultivate that passionate desire for change.

  1. Visualize your desire as a burning flame that lives deep within you, perhaps at the center of your heart.
  2. Close your eyes and just meditate for a few minutes on that flame that is burning at the center of your heart.
  3. As you become aware of your breath, with each inhale, allow that flame to burn brighter
  4. On the exhale, let go of fear.
  5. Now spend some time reflecting and contemplating on exactly what it is you desire in your life.  Essentially asking yourself the question: “What is missing?”  “Where is the emptiness in my life?”  “What do I need and what do I want?”  It might be a good idea to do stream of consciousness writing and spend at least 10 minutes on this.
  6. This next question may take several days to answer and that is OK.  Take as much time as needed, because this is the critical step.What is holding you back from realizing your dreams right here and now?Now let me explain this step a little more in depth.  Let’s say that your desire is for a better paying job or just more pay at your present job.  What is preventing you from achieving this?  In other words are you currently job hunting and if not why not?  Or have you spoken to your boss about a possible raise and are there actions you could be taking to make yourself a more valuable employee? For each desire that you have, you need to figure out what exactly is preventing you from getting what you want.  Make a list of the exact steps you would need to take, to achieve each desire.
  7. From here we are going to create an intention.  Find the most pressing issue in your life right now, that is holding you back.  It could be money issues or maybe you have a weight problem.  Hopefully after you have completed steps 5 and 6, some or your core issues will have risen to the surface.Often the things we need to work on are self esteem or taking better care of ourselves.  Try to narrow it down to one core issue that may be holding  you back in many areas.
  8. Once you have found your burning issue, you need to make a decision.  Am I ready to do whatever it takes to overcome this obstacle?  Am I willing to make some sacrifices and changes in my daily routine?

Assuming you are ready, the next step on this journey will be to create your intention which will be covered in another post.  But right now you have your work cut out for you.

Change is not easy.  Change requires sacrifice, commitment,  and unwavering faith and devotion.

In the next blog post I will cover: How to create an intention that actually gets you results and how to effectively work with that intention.

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