Single on Valentine’s Day – Spread The LOVE!

So it’s Valentine’s Day . . . . . What’s a single girl to do?

I know this holiday can be very emotionally charged for people, and perhaps especially so for singles. But my sense is that as a single person (male or female) you can choose how you look at this holiday, which is known as  a day for lovers to express their affection for one another.

So I guess the main question then becomes, what is a lover? If I am single am I not a lover?

I took some time today to mediate on this.  In the past, I have spent Valentines Day as part of a couple and at other times as a single being.  This year I am spending it as a single woman.  And I have absolutely no regrets about that.

As a yogi, one of the main practices is the cultivation of unconditional self love.  We also practice non-harming or kindness to all.  Is this non-harming and kindness not a form of love?  So perhaps as singles we are not celebrating romantic love on Valentines Day but isn’t love a lot deeper than simply romance?

Sure romantic love is fun, it’s sexy and it’s adventurous.  But do we necessarily need a partner to be fun, sexy, adventurous beings?

So to all my single brothers and sisters, I say this:  Love yourself unconditionally on Valentine’s Day! Do not dwell on feelings of deprivation. There are many benefits to being single and one of them is freedom!

For me Valentine’s Day is a day to take time to reflect on love and what it means to be a lover!

Love comes in many flavors, shapes and forms. Romantic love is just one flavor in an ocean of flavors.  How can you express the lover that you are today?

  • Are you a lover of life?
  • Are you a lover of people?
  • Are you an animal lover?
  • Do you love and worship Mother Nature?
  • Do you love good food?
  • Do you love fine wine?
  • Do you love music
  • Do you love to dance?
OK, so do you see what I mean?

I am a lover of yoga! :-) Yoga teaches us to be content, no matter what.  It’s Valentines Day. I’m single and I’m very content!  Yoga teaches us to practice unconditional self love. This unconditional self love or self acceptance is critical for happiness whether you are single or joined at the hip to someone.

When two unhappy people come together as a couple, they inevitably end up feeding off each other in co-dependence  which does not allow for individual growth or  growth as a couple.

True love asks for nothing in return and is very rare. Yoga helps us move towards this place of true, pure love.

Today I practiced the deepest back bend I could possibly muster, and I offered it to the Universe as a love offering. The more I can live from this place of a fearless, open heart, the more likely it will be that when Valentine’s day rolls around, it won’t matter whether or not I am single or in a couple.

I believe we were put on this planet to “be” love and to spread love.  My only hope is that I can somehow live up to this mission.

And I allow my yoga practice to carry me. I really hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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