Yoga at Home

Beginners Yoga Poses for Practicing Yoga at Home

Welcome to the world of practicing yoga safely, conveniently and comfortably at home! Here you can learn yoga from the ground up and take advantage of  the many benefits of practicing yoga at home. First of all you can make your own schedule and practice when it is convenient for you. You can fully customize your home practice to meet your specific needs on any given day. In addition,  you are free to move at your own pace which is the most beneficial way to practice and learn yoga.

Module One – The Basics

  • Here you will begin with yoga breathing which is the foundation of the practice.
  • Next you will learn a simple, gentle beginners sequence which is meant to be done mostly supported by the floor. For most of these postures you will be either sitting or lying down on the floor. This sequence prepares the body physically to practice yoga safely. This practice is meant to create flexibility and mobility in all the joints in your body.

Module One should be practiced daily or 3 times per week for a period of one to six months depending on your current physical condition. You can stay at this stage indefinitely or choose to progress to Module Two when you are ready.

This is a perfect practice for those who are very stiff, out of shape, weak or recovering from illness or injury. It is also highly recommended for those with low back injury. This is an especially good practice for those with arthritis, joint pain or fibromyalgia as it will not put much strain or stress on your joints.

Are you ready to begin? Make sure to unplug the phone, turn off the TV and radio and find a place where you will not be disturbed for 30 – 60 minutes.

Proceed to Module One – Yoga Breathing – Coming soon!

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