Yoga for Lazy People – Deep Hamstring Stretch

The posture demonstrated in the video below is what I call The Lazy Man’s (or woman’s) hamstring stretch.  It is always a crowd pleaser among yoga students.  I learned this posture from my teacher Shiva Rea and I am very grateful.  

When I teach Gentle Yoga, I always include this posture in the mix and students just love it!  The beauty of this posture is that you use the yoga tie as a sling between your foot and your head, keeping the leg straight and off the floor (you are lying prone on the floor) and with your head lifted off the floor, completely supported by the sling.

I know, I know . . . . you can’t really picture it.  You really have to see this one.

The benefits that you will derive from  this “lazy” hamstring stretch are as follows:

  • Stretches the hamstrings
  • Stretches the back of the neck
  • Stretches the upper back
  • Deep relaxation
  • Good therapy for a sore back

This video is the 4th video from the Yoga For Your Back series.  You can find the rest of the videos in the series here:

You will most likely need a 10 foot long yoga tie and if you don’t have one you can order one from the link provided below the video.

Please watch the video and please feel free to leave your questions or comments in the comment box below.

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2 Responses to “Yoga for Lazy People – Deep Hamstring Stretch”

  1. Paul Maxwell says:

    Hi Dee, Great blog! I enjoy visiting blogs like yours that educate and inspire. Felt right at home watching the video that accompanied your instruction. I admire your commitment to making yoga a daily practice and your willingness to share something that can provide so many benefits to others. Thanks!

  2. yogaboca says:

    Paul, thanks for your comments and feedback. As you can see this blog is a labor of love! :-)

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